MailTags/MailSuite and Mojave CPU usage

Hi all,

I am posting here because I love the show and am getting no help from SmallCubed support. Ever since upgrading to the new Mojave updated MailTags (part of MailSuite) my CPU usage has been awful. It became unusable at times… looking at Activity Manager it was in conjunction with mds_stores process that was eating most of my CPU. 300-400%. I then updated macOS to Mojave and it got much better, but still worse than I am used to. I’m on a MacBook Pro 2015.

It is OK most of the time now, but every 15 or 20 mins or so the CPU will spool up and my top processes with be Mail, mds_stores and mds again. This did not happen before. If I disable MailTags this problem goes away. I’ve found online that this is Spotlight related but it is very clearly associated with MailTags in my case.

Does anyone else experience this issue and do you have a fix? Thanks!

I installed MailSuite earlier today and activated the Mail Act-On plugin. I ended up uninstalling it after running into some major performance issues when sending messages.

It’s still in beta…and it looks like they’re stilling working out some of the kinks. To minimize the possibility of disruptions to my workflows, I’ll likely wait until it’s a released product before installing it again.

p.s. I’m running Mojave on a 2015 iMac.

This is sad… as I rely heavily on MailTags for my workflow and I don’t even know how I’d go about reverting back to High Sierra. Hopefully they get a stable release out soon. Their support staff is unresponsive.

Just as an update they had me install a beta build and it seems to have fixed this issue.

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@mkowske, any update on your recent experience? I’m an active MailTags users (not using any other components of their suite). I’ve been holding off on Mojave upgrade for my work MacBook.

Have you found MailTags to be stable and reliable recently?

FWIW, my version of MailSuite is 1.0.2b136

Thanks — jay

I gave up hoping that MailSuite would be stable on Mojave. I’ve reinstalled it a couple times a month over the past 4 months. Inevitably it works fine for a few hours or a day, then it goes nuts and consumes CPU until the machine freezes.

Beta ended as of 20190222 – I’ll give it another chance

Ah, that’s too bad. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I, too, would love to eliminate my dependency on this software. It certainly is an exercise in frustration with each new OS release. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find a suitable workaround - either 3rd party software or my own hacks - that offers the capabilities of tickle dates. Even after a 4 year journey :disappointed: — jay


@jayelevy Yes, since the beta (which is now in release and stable) I haven’t had any CPU (or other) issues.