MailTags to be discontinued

I’m along time user of MailTags, part of the SmallCubed MailSuite. They have recently announced that it cannot be made to work under macOS Sonama, and instead they are developing a new mail client — MailMaven. I’ll probably move to it if it proves good, but does any have any other suggestions for a macOS mail client that supports tags?


What about Postbox?

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Bound to say it… Mailmate

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Ahhh so that’s what’s kept Small Cubed busy. I figured MailSuite was pretty much EOL. Glad they saw what was coming and decided to make their own full on app.

I wish Apple cared more about email clients and Readle cared less about monetizing ever app. I think i’ll update my MailSuite this summer and wait for MailMaven. I like what i’m seeing from the photos and having all of the suite combined into one app will make things much cleaner.

Looks like my email client issues have been solved. I wonder if they’re writing it in a way that will make iOS client a possibility

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