Maintaining Connection - AirPods on iMac

I so much like using my Airpods when on my iMac, particularly for Skype, Zoom and Facetime conferences. However, I am having a devil of a time getting them connected and maintaining the connection. I have ToothFairy but have a problem whether I use that app or not. The Airpods frequently cut out and lose the connection. I have tried turning off Bluetooth on my always nearby iPhone and iPad in case that is the issue. No help. What else should I be looking at?


I’ve had the same issue multiple times. For me unpairing the airpods and then re-pairing them seems to do the trick for a few weeks, and then we’re back at square 1.

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Appreciate that. Sad to say it did not work. The AirPods cut in and out. BTW so does any Bluetooth headset. I’ve gone back to plugging in earphones or headset.

Facing the same issue. Sometimes a full reboot does the job, although it is far easier to plug a wired headphone.

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Do you have any USB 3 harddisks hanging off the Mac?
They can interfere with bluetooth connectivity

Yes. Need to see if that is what is causing the issue.