Maintaining Contacts Synced

Hi All, I was wondering if someone know how can I maintain for example, gmail and iCloud contacts synced. I think @MacSparky mentioned something about doing this on a podcast but can’t recall which one… having groups and stuff like that.

Just thinking the same thing myself…especially how you keep contact groups synced and don’t end up with duplicates in your contacts app?

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let’s see if we get an answer :smiley:

I’m not aware of an easy way of syncing contacts from multiple sources. After fighting this problem on and off for years I finally chose to keep all my contacts in my Google Workspace (G suite) account.

I had contacts in iCloud, Google, and my company server. I exported my iCloud and company contacts as vcf (vCard) imported them into Google and then let Google automatically discover and merge the duplicates.

The Mac/IOS Contacts app doesn’t care where you keep your contacts.

I bought this in 2011. It was last updated 2 months ago.

I’m not actually using it right now, but it has “worked” for me in the past.

I put “worked” in quotes because there are some fundamental incompatibilities in the way Google and iCloud handle contacts, so I only ever used it to send iCloud contacts to Google.

That seemed to reduce errors or oddities.

YMMV. Always make a good backup before you try syncing something like this.


Thank you. I will think about it and try it.