Make chrome tab into standalone web app

Hi everyone -
I vaguely recall Stephen (or a guest?) mentioning a utility that would allow me to take a Chrome URL and make it into an ‘app’ on macOS. I tried searching the forums and looking through the show notes but can’t seem to locate it. Anyone know?

Was it Fluid?

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Hi Bob,
I can’t remember which one or two was mentioned, but I’ve got SetApp now and Unite does the trick. (Only just installed it mind you…thanks for the prompt!)

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You might also be referring to the up and coming retro phenomenon Progressive Web App, which as of now specifically requires Chrome. Edit: that was not the link. Just google it :slight_smile:

There is also Epichrome.
I had aspirations to make an “Epibrave” using the Brave browser, but no time…

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I just noticed Unite is based on Webkit. It is working wonders for my Outlook Mail, but fails on Google Sheets.

I found Unite doesn’t show notifications on the desktop. Same with IM+, which is also part of SetApp. I wonder if it’s a SetApp problem

I’ve been using Epichrome for Gmail since the app was mentioned on MPU a few weeks ago and it works nicely.

Confused as usual… by “app” do you mean making an icon. Example, I have a weather site icon on my homescreen that will take me to the site when clicked. But, this was created in Safari on iOS. I presume it works on the Mac too. This misses most of your request, sorry.

These utilities basically put a website into its own window, as if it were an app. You can then command-tab to switch between it and other apps, etc.

Fluid is great.

If a site works better in Chrome, EpiChrome is definitely the way to go.

Have used and recommend both.

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Thanks everyone. I was unable to reply due to a permissions issue but I did see your suggestions. Going with EpiChrome at this point.