Making Apple Music more affordable

I’ve been a monthly subscriber to Apple Music since it was Beats Music. But this year I realized that you get two months free when you buy a year, a year costs 100 dollars, and stores like Costco and Target sell Apple gift cards at a discount, $100 for $80.

Ultimately that’s $40 off for the year over the monthly plan, or $6.66(:metal:) a month.

Not bad.

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I don’t see the option to pay for an annual subscription. Where do you see this?

Thanks for this tip!

@Steinmanal – it’s in iTunes. Go to the Account menu, authorize, and then click on “Subscriptions”; then on “Apple Music” and you will find your options for renewal.

If I recall, this is only available for individual subs, right? I thought family ones couldn’t convert last time I loooked.

Yep. Looks like the year long subscription is only available for individual and not family. Too bad.

I have an individual plan, so I don’t know how Family plans work. Is there no option to pay annually?

Sadly, if you are on a Family Plan there does not seem to be an option to subscribe annually.

The annual family plan does not exist, but you can still use the itunes card discount to pay for your music subscription.