Malwarebytes on ios

I’ve used Malwarebytes on my Mac for multiple years. Oddly, I just noticed that it has an iOS app. Does anyone use the iOS app and recommend it?

I use Adguard Pro to block stuff in Safari but what intrigued me was the call and text blocking on iPhone.

Why would you need third-party antivirus protection for your iPhone?

That threw me as well. But again, it says it prevents spam calls and texts.

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There are other apps out there that can do the same thing. What is the difference?

That seems more like fearmongering from them in order to get you to buy their product. Antivirus companies always do that.

The same can be said for Chrome OS: Why is there a duplicate settings app, and in that settings app why does it say Octopus? - Chromebook Community

Perhaps if I had linked the original articles instead, it wouldn’t have seemed like fear mongering.
They look like credible threats to me.

Because of sandboxing an App cannot protect you from a virus or advanced stuff like that.

They can block your visiting those sites, which accomplishes the same thing.
Similarly, they can block bad actors who send malicious texts.

Seems weird that their website doesn’t link you to the App Store but just gives you instructions on how to search.

Also when searching the app isn’t available in the App Store, at least in Australia.

Ah, their App is actually a Safari Content Blocker?

(It’s not available in my country; I can’t check that)

Yes, that’s right. Content blocker and spam call blocker.

Apologies if I was a bit salty while ago.

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