Managing Employees - What do you use?

We’ve been using Todoist (for teams) for awhile now but it’s very difficult to visually see where projects/tasks are. What are some suggestions for managing projects/tasks with employees?

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I use OmniPlan. It works well when collaborating with colleagues and it has an awesome interface.

Hi :slight_smile: I use Trello - if you apply a simple kanban system it works well - it’s very visual and my team get a kick out of moving ‘cards’ - I.e task and projects - into the done column! The cards can be either one-off tasks or (with the use of the checklists on the back), projects with multiple steps or, basically anything you want.

You also have the bonus of always ‘seeing’ the work in progress, the backlog (work pending), ‘waiting fors’ etc. I estimate it’s helped to cut meeting times by @50%; at team meetings we now just discuss actions that need progression, as the comment system let’s me know what’s happening on a regular basis

If you have multiple areas of responsibility you can open up separate boards I.e. one for staffing issues, one for mega- project A, one for personal stuff etc.

I would recommend the book ‘ Personal Kanban’ to help set up boards and get an idea of the flow required. Once the team is trained on the methodology, everything just flows beautifully

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We use Discourse at ProCourse. But then again, of course we do.


Has MPU ever covered project management for teams? I feel like they keep threatening it with David’s use of assistants but I don’t remember an episode where it was covered. I’ve been able to find a lot of great content on managing tasks for 1 person but not a lot of people seem to be talking about how to manage projects that touch multiple people.

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I use Asana for teams at work (Things for personal stuff). Asana’s new Timeline feature is fantastic. Click here for more information.

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I use Asana for task management and Slack for communication. Slack integration is decent with Asana. These tools combined with Airtable I find to be perfect to handle anything and everything. But it definitely depends on the type of projects and communication needed. :blush:


Some of the guests on the workflows shows talk about tools that they use to manage teams, but I don’t think there’s ever been an episode specifically devoted to it.

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Another vote here for Asana. We’ve been using it since 2011 for team task tracking and it’s been a great fit, even sharing some projects external to the organisation … when people have actually bought into using it; but change adoption is an entirely different issue :wink:

A big benefit is it is cross platform. As long as your device has an Internet connection and a web browser then you have access and there are some native apps for mobile.


I’m considering Asana or Trello to manage my organization/departments/teams. We currently use a system that is based around the concept of Gino Wickman’s EOS - and we currently use a website that digitized our scorecard (see attached screenshot). Does asana or Trello do anything like that? Or is there a suggestion for integrating it into either of those applications?

I’m considering switching from the web platform we’re currently on because it doesn’t allow collaboration, it is not compatible with mobile devices - to list a few concerns.

Thanks for the help!!


We use Asana extensively for multiple teams and all projects requiring collaboration–including all conversations and file sharing. We also make good use of the Asana’s new Timeline feature, which functions much like a Gantt chart.

Can you provide a link to “ProCourse”? I did a google search but the results are too wide.

If you click on Joe’s picture next to his username you’ll see a link.

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BaseCamp 3 for our team to have visibility & accountability with all our projects.

OmniFocus …because I’m a Mac Power User :grin:… for my home projects and work projects that I don’t need direct reports to see (personnel issues, reviews, ticklers, etc…)