Managing Graphics for small nonprofit

Now that we have a “digital marketing assistant” doing part-time work for our small nonprofit. (I’m founder and currently only full-time person) we need a way to manage our graphics to share them and know what we have. Said assistant did some looking and found solutions out of our price range. Currently using Dropbox with a shared folder. Is there another option out there we don’t know about? we looked at Google Drive and Google Photos . They don’t give us more than DB does. And what if we add one or two more people? what might be scaleable?
Thanks for help

Could something like Eagle work for you? Works in conjunction with Dropbox, but may be more elegant. I haven’t used it, but some others here have.

Please can you clarify if you mean that you wish to manage digital assets internally, or are you also planning to share links to resources with externals (e.g. a media pack you send to a journalist)? That will change the recommendations. (Google Drive isn’t necessarily that great at sharing files externally if your org has tight data protection protocols.)

Also don’t forget when investigating prices to check the charity rates. Most tech offers a discount for registered non-profits, though the hoops you have to jump through can be quite time-consuming.

Bridge, Adobe’s digital asset manager, has lots of features, is free, and works with Dropbox.

Yes, definitely do this! For instance, non-profits can set up a Google Workspace account at steeply discounted rates, including a free tier.


Are you hooked up with TechSoup yet? Lots of steep discounts for non profits.

I would also look at Google for Nonprofits. It’s what our church uses and it’s been nice. 30GB for each person.

Sharing is ok as long as you remember to set the link to “anyone outside of the organization” is allowed to see it.

I think techsoup also has a one drive discount.

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Sorry for abandoning this conversation. I’ll look into Eagle.

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Sorry for abandoning this conversation. I’d be scared to get into Adobe… somehow they’ll figure out how to charge?

Yup we have both Tech Soup and Google for Nonpromites.

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