Managing iOS apps in iTunes

How do I surface Apps on my iPhone 5s - so that I can delete and rearrange them - via my iTunes in macOS Mojave. I distinctly recall seeing them in iTunes in the past. To be clearer, it’s been months since I have seen them as I rarely connect iPhone to Mac mini.

Is it still possible?
Do I need to flip a switch to make them viewable and editable?

The ability to manage iOS apps in iTunes was removed in iTunes 12.7. :slightly_frowning_face:

You can use Apple Configurator 2 for this instead.

Can’t iTunes 12.6.5 also do this (as well as the extremely useful function of managing your iOS apps so that you can back them up manually to avoid them disappearing or becoming useless after Apple/developer “improvements”)?

(I see that the app isn’t supported in Mojave. Oh well, another strong reason to avoid updating to the “latest & greatest” Mac OS).