Managing multiple iOS devices

Hi all. We’ve managed to accumulate 7 iOS devices in our house (not sure how this happened - like Tribbles/Homepods @katiefloyd). At the moment I do all the software management (app updates etc) manually. The devices all need different configs (eg. 3 devices need to be kid friendly and relatively locked down). I do backups via iMazing (relying on iCloud backups and restores are way to slow where I live so I gave up). I have been considering management software such as Jamf. Does anybody have any experience with Jamf or suggestions on alternatives?

iOS 12 will help somewhat. You’ll be able to turn on automatic updates for the OS software. We already have automatic updates for Apps… A combination of Family Sharing and iCloud should be able to take care of your backup needs. If you want local backups, iMazing can do the trick when the devices are plugged in and on WiFi.

These devices should be fairly easy to manage once you get them setup configured the way you want. I’d hang in there until iOS 12 and see if that helps.

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MacOS server also have a very good and user friendly profile manager. Creates pofiles for your devices that are very easy to install and manage.

I can recommend the screencasts Todd Olthof did on them:

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@katiefloyd Thanks for that Katie. I am really looking forward to all the iOS12 features!

@JKoopmans I did not know MacOS Server also dealt with iOS devices as well. I’ll check it out! Thanks very much for the suggestion!