Manually remove safari extension in Catalina

So, working with Ulysses, I found that the share extension described on the program website isn’t available in Catalina. I’ve contacted support and they tell me that they know it’s a problem and they’re hoping that Apple will fix the underlying issue.

I was offered an extension for Safari that would allow me to select text, right click and then send the selection and the URL to Ulysses. It works, but just barely. (It creates many blank sheets as well as the one expected sheet.)

I’d like to uninstall the extension, but when I click the uninstall button in the Safari extension tab in preferences, it takes me to the original extension program where there’s no uninstall button.

So it looks like I need to uninstall this extension manually. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out where Safari in Catalina is keeping its extensions. Does anyone here know? Thanks.

Whoever gave you the extension ought to be able to tell you how to remove it.

I think Safari Extensions now are usually meant to be part of the app bundle itself. For example, the “Honey” extension is at


If you can’t find it, you could run this command in Terminal which should show you all of the "safariextension"s found on your drive:

find / -type d -iname \*.safariextension -print 2>/dev/null