Map Annotation Software (Mark Routes, Print Them)

Hi Fellow MPUers,

I’m looking for a way to take a street map, like Apple Maps or Google maps and annotate it with various marks. Examples of use cases:

  1. Looking to buy or rent a home. I know where I want to live, which parts of town are okay. There’s 5 parts of town that are a few sq miles each, and they are spread out by a few miles distance. I’d like to be able to annotate which these desirable areas are. And also be able to “X” off certain areas that might be high crime or might be too expensive.

  2. Planning routes for trips. If I’m visiting a new city, I want to mark out places I’d like to go. For a road trip, this would include the route. GPS can fail, electronics can go down. I’d like a paper copy. I know Google Maps can print out directions between two points on paper, but it’s too limiting. I want to be able to annotate cheap gas stations, highly rated restaurants, points of interest, etc.

What I guess I really want is a simplified Photoshop/image editing app that let’s me overlay things on top of a map, but simplified because I don’t need 99% of the tools in Photoshop for this, and also I’d like to be able to “lock” my annotations to within the roads themselves. For example, if there’s a curved road on the path, I’d like to be able to move my mouse along that road and have it turn red to annotate it, without me having to be perfect about drawing it. Like how gridlines work in Keynote/PowerPoint. Ideally it would also still show the road name even if my annotation line would cover it up.

If nothing commercial exists, maybe I just have to take screenshots from Apple Maps, load them into a minimal image editing app like Acorn, and do my best to keep the lines within the streets.