Map app that allows annotation on iOS?

My GoogleFu is poor and I can’t seem to get anything close.

I’m looking for some sort of map app that will allow me to download a map, annotate it with the pencil or typed text and keep that map available for viewing without any access to any internet or wifi at all. I need to be able to scroll in and out to see the overall view and the detailed routs to get to the places I’ve selected. Needs to run on both iPhone and iPad.

Does not need to coordinate with GPS or track my location, and in fact would be better if it didn’t.

Tried to do something with Goggle or Apple Maps but both require internet access all the time to run.

I’d really prefer not to do screen shots and then annotate as things may change so I want to be fluid in what is annotated.

Basically a digital equivalent of a paper map you’ve written or circled items on in pencil.


Downloading now and looking at it.