Mapping an imaginary walk (or run) (or cycling)

Looking for an iPhone / Watch app that goes beyond Apple Watch App for Tracking Walks to do this:

Define in the app a starting and ending point (e.g., Salt Lake City to Denver). Then, whenever the app is activated it tracks distance travelled and virtually applies it to a map of the route between those two points. Use phone / watch GPS and Health to capture real-world data as it occurs.

I think it would then be cool to day after day track on a map a virtual walk between cities, with the benefits of also tracking the actual distance travelled. The “virtual walk between cities” bit would be an interesting motivation. “Today, I am halfway to Denver”.

Of course, this could apply to running or biking as well, but personally I prefer brisk walking.

Apps similar to this, but not exactly:

  • “Walk the Distance”. No Watch app. Appalachian trail and a few pre-defined routes only. Demands personal info before accessing the app. :angry:
  • “Remote Walk”. No Watch app. Limited to a few cities – does not seem customizable to any choice of end points.
  • “Virtual Run Bike and Hike”. No Watch app. Perhaps most similar to what I want. Does not integrate with Health. :-1:

I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but you might check out Footpath.

Thanks. Footpath is for planning a route then actually traversing that route. I want to plan a virtual route that exists somewhere I am not and then have my real-world movements mapped to that virtual route as if I were in that other place.

Thanks, but that “Virtual Walk” app has morphed into “Walk the Distance”, that I mentioned in my original post. I rejected it because I will not use any app that I cannot access at all without first providing email, name, and address.

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Hmm I know the existence of “virtual” running app used for treadmill workouts (like the one described here), but I suspect it does not fit the case.