Mapping workflows and customer journeys

I’m helping clients design workflows for their email campaigns. The end result will besomething like this:

What tools would you recommend using to achieve this?

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If it’s literally just the graphics, OmniGraffle is unparalleled for precise, flexible, powerful visualization design.

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I use LucidChart when I’m doing projects like this. I “pretty it up” sometimes, but not often.

Here’s another free option:

You can use the site or download it as a local app. I acutally heard about it in the MPU episode with Allison Sheridan, and it seems pretty slick. is not bad for this kind of thing.

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@geoffaire ++

I’m a big Miro fan for something this low LOE

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Me too.

Miro is wonderfully useful and surprisingly easy to lose.

Thank for the Miro tips, everyone. I started using it today and it’s great.

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