March 2: Live MPU Recording in Chicago

On Saturday March 2, David and I will be recording a live Mac Power Users episode in Chicago. We’ll be in a small theatre, so seating is limited, but we would love to see there!

Order tickets and get more information.


One of the benefits of having the Relay Senior Vice President of Live Events as a cohost?


Certainly helps that Stephen has the whole “live show” thing wired down.

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This makes me miss being within driving distance to Chicago.



Just FYI… tried to buy a ticket via my iphone / Apple pay. Tried via wifi and cellular a few times. Got the rotating arrows for about 45 minutes.

Since there were only 2 VIP tickets left, I had to rush home to order on my mac - speed limits be damned! Lucky me, ordering the “old fashioned way” still worked. Whew!

Sorry about that! Do you run an iOS content blocker?

No worries - all’s well that ends well. No content blocker here, btw.

Not sure if this is related, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues paying online with Apple pay… online only though. Still works great in stores.

So weird. See you in Chicago!

Live episodes are awesome, I’ve been a part of a couple in the past. Different podcast obviously. Wish I could be there. Can’t wait to listen.

I added myself to the waiting list for VIP tickets, but bought a general admission ticket to be safe. If I end up with a VIP ticket, do I simply pay the difference, or pay full pop?

If a wait list ticket becomes open, I’d refund the General ticket.


I’m so massively excited for this! I just moved to within driving distance of Chicago and am delighted to go to my first ever live podcast, and meet (or at least see in the flesh) some folks I’ve listened to for YEARS!


Excited for this and hopefully again in the future. Saturday night is a push because of church in the morning. I’ll catch you guys next time you come to town…or you can just drive on over to Toledo lol.

Hey Jeremy, no need to rush back to Toledo - we have a few churches here. :wink:


Looks like one ticket left at this point!

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And then there were none.

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We are looking for listener questions to answer on this episode, and they all don’t have to be about tech. Fire away!

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What advice does David have for the type of law student who listens to MPU?

What episodes have been most difficult to put together (other than interviewee scheduling difficulties?)

What kinds of cars do you two like/drive?

What’s the least well known podcast you listen to?


Coke or Pepsi?

Is Pineapple a topping for Ice Cream or Pizza?

How large is your iTunes Library (just music)?

Which Steve would you want to spend an hour with?

What guests would you love to interview?

What would you tell your 12, 21, and 30 year old self?