March 2: Live MPU Recording in Chicago


Can confirm, the food was surprisingly good (though I’ve never eaten Mexican in a southern border state so take my opinion with a grain of salt!)

This was a total blast and I was delighted to have the chance to meet up with a few fellow fans beforehand.

I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the special guests. @ismh and @MacSparky, and the rest of the Relay gang knocked it out of the park. It was such a treat to meet so many of some of my favourite podcasters, including some of the Cards Against Humanity gang!

I was also so delighted to meet so many truly wonderful fans, including some fellow Canadians! I don’t have a ton of nerdy in-person friends, so it was a quite fun to meet such a diverse bunch of fans who can all geek out together about all the nerdy things!


Loved listening to the live episode! Love the tech/nerdy talk and great getting to know you guys a bit better. Thanks so much for the podcast. Happy to be a supporter of the show.


Recording quality was excellent as were the guests


5 hour drive to Chicago… met Chris, Scott and Bill and had great food plus interesting conversation… fantastic show and guests… 5 hour drive back home. Very tired on Sunday but would do it again in a heartbeat!

Chicago skyline at night along I-94 was breathtaking…



Glad you made it back to Detroit safe and sound @MacGuyMI.

P.s. You, @ChrisUpchurch and @waldemayer totally sold me on it and a Luna Display on its way to me right now!

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I know this is a geeky question but hey, this is MPU. The recording quality of the episode is fantastic. I recognized the industry darling Sound Devices interface but not which model. Would you mind sharing? And were the microphones Shure Beta 87s? Thank you!


Yeah, I’m using Shure Beta 87As, into the MixPre-6 interface.


Beautiful. Thank you! I enjoyed chatting with you briefly about Memphis and St. Jude and how much fun it was to participate in an event like this. Thank you for all you do to make Relay FM an important part of my listening enjoyment and education.


One of my favorite episodes. And thank you @RosemaryOrchard for the VAVA USB C Hub recommendation. I got it and I am absolutely digging it.

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