March 2019 Sales and Software Deals

Spectre Camera $1.99

Makes me wish I had one of the ginormous new phones.
Spectre Camera by Chroma Noir LLC

One of their samples, a five second hand-held exposure:


As a longtime user of Slow Shutter Cam on iOS, which is the definitive app of its kind, I was pretty unimpressed with that portion of Spectre. SSC can let you re-shoot into the image, lets you set the time 30 30 seconds (or endlessly, AKA ‘bulb’), has a self-timer to reduce shake, and a lot more. I also found the Spectre images to be a lot less sharp - handheld or mounted - than SSC.

The app was a main focus of the latest episode of the Tiny Shutter podcast, and the hosts - who to a man all love Halide - were generally underwhelmed, some feeling the app was rushed out the door.

The anti-shake feature is (potentially) good, and the AI-based tech is unique. But for slow-shutter/light-trails it’s not up to the competition.

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Noteplan just got a temporary price drop in the Mac App Store, from $19.99 to $4.99

There’s a 3rd-party PopClip someone made for it:

Here are a couple of reviews of the app from 2017:

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List Ninja for iOS, usually $2.99 (I think) just temporarily went free.

Take Control Books

Pi * 10 sale for Pi day (3/14) today only.


Stacksocial offers ‘The Epic Mac Bundle’ for $29.99. Coupon code “DN25” cuts it 25% to $22.50.

Apps in the deal are:

• Fantastical 2
• PDF Expert
• Flux 7
• Pagico 8
• Command-Tab Plus
• iStat Menus 6
• iLocker Pro
• Ultdata Recovery

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Loved this picture… wao!!

Worth it just for Fantastical, PDF Expert and iStat Menu. The rest are just bonuses.


I’m a BusyCal user, but still tempted… **Must resist shiny new app**


Close the browser and slowly back away :slight_smile:


Saint Patrick’s day sale- 30% off Softorino Apps. Expires March 22, 2019

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Folder Colorizer is a really nice tool… but Windows only :cry:

Affinity are holding a Spring sale with 20% off anything on their website. Obviously, this also includes all their apps and workbooks.

Affinity Spring Sale

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The xLine mindmapping app is temporarily free in the Mac App Store. (It typically sells for around $19.99)

Full app, no In-App-Purchases!


Apparently Shawn Blanc’s course on using Ulysses is getting a big ($15 [temporary price?]) upgrade to discuss Shortcuts and more. Just got an upgrade email

75% off Epistory

Last day: DxO PhotoLab2 Elite for €89 instead of €199 with the PromoCode “APRIL-SAVE-DPL2”.

While I use Lightroom for most of my stuff, PhotoLab2 is better at some stuff. Really high end RAW processing.

And PhotoMechanic 6 is finally out! 64bit, reverse geoencodig and other stuff. Just downloaded it, didn’t give it a try yet.