March 2021 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

The popular window manager Moom is $5, half off.

Bundlehunt - I bought EagleFiler for $5.00 and Rocket Typist for $1.00!

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I was going to post about this too! How do you like Rocket Typist?

I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve heard of it before so I grabbed it

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I really want something like this that will work over Microsoft Remote Desktop… I got all excited then but this doesn’t work either!

The only way I can seem to get around it is by using KM and paste by typing…

Bought it years ago and use it multiple times weekly! I can highly recommend it. :call_me_hand:
It works fast and reliable and allows text-insertion, date-variables, formatted and unstyled text and you can also script keypresses so that you could have it jump from the subject line to the main body on an email for example with just one text expansion snippet.

I use Alfred for my “string” text expansion (mail addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts etc.), but RocketTypist for anything “smart” or lengthy.


Planning to buy EagleFiler, Unite 4, and Rocket Typist.

Anything else from that bundle that I should look into before purchasing?

I didn’t look into Unite since I am pretty happy with fluid at the moment. Here’s some talk about that Coherence & Unite - Single Site Browser creators / alternatives to (Another Setapp score!) - #9 by pendolino

Never heard of SSB before and Unite sounds interesting. Would SSB reduce memory usages vs running on browsers?

I haven’t checked the usage. I like having the apps compartmentalized and haven’t noticed too much pressure .

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Cryptomator for iOS is on sale for $4.99. I’ve been tracking this for a while.

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Think reply’s to others since don’t have need for it.

Sorry about that. I typically reply to the last person and somehow missed the big green button that is a normal reply. I’ll do that for next time.

No worries :ok_hand:. Always good to have monthly sales thread.

Notability is on sale

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Take Control Books Pi Day 31.4% off ends today.

Only this week: 40% off for new users of Proxyman.

Flying Meat’s

Acorn 7

just hit with a promo 50 % off during launch

I purchased the MAS version. Been wanting to dabble with it for a while.

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Typeit4me is 50% off on stack social. $10.