March 2022 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals

All of Many Tricks’ software is 50% off through March 6, including gems like Moom, Name Mangler and Menuwhere. Moom is easily one of my favorite Mac utilities of all time. Posting because they’re giving all the proceeds to charity, too.


Unfortunately, I already have licenses for all the ones I want …

Which is a good thing. :slight_smile:

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Flexibits is offering 75% off new subscriptions:


$2.50 to play around with Time Sink and support charity: why not? :slight_smile:

It hovers around 9% of one core on an M1, which isn’t awful. I like the simple reporting.

Is that link legit? My adblocker keeps blocking to the one in the post.

Some adblockers block affiliate links like the one in this post. But yes, it is legit.

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

From MIT Technology Review
“The authors posit that principles of computer science might help us solve our human problems. Beyond giving insight into algorithms themselves, the book shows how these principles can be applied both to practical matters like how to organize your inbox, and to deeper human challenges, like how to connect with others.”

I figured that was probably the case but the URL also seemed random to me so wanted to confirm.

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Wish that €1/month would be feasible for them as the regular price.

Would be a no-brainer for me (even though I mainly use grandfathered v2 features).

Shortery, an app that runs Shortcuts based event triggers, is free on the Mac App Store this week.

I stumbled upon it while looking for resources to learn more about Shortcuts on the Mac.

Have fun!


I already have Menuwhere, which is really good. I don’t mind paying for Witch, the CMD Tab replacement and supporting Ukraine too! Thanks for the link!

I’ve finally got a good way to have my indoor/outdoor air quality in my menu bar thanks to Shortery, a Shortcut, and One Thing.

Here’s the gist of the Shortcut.


I also have this set the Focus to one I call pm2.5, which in turn changes my iPhone background to red…just playing around to see if it sticks!


Check out Bundlehunt

They have Little Snitch, Imazing, Mail Archiver X, and more

Adding a couple more that I’m interested in.

  • little snitch
  • imazing
  • mail archiver x
  • typinator
  • forklift
  • popchar x
  • eaglefiler
  • greenbooks (Has anybody used this?)
  • dropshare
  • taskpaper
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I’m paying monthly through the App Store but I was allowed to cancel and pay directly to Flexibits for annual. Best deal ever!

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Strongbox is going to be on sale, Mar 17-20, according to Twitter.

Does anyone have a direct link to the Flexibits promo? For whatever reason, Safari is blocking the shortner that was used in the link, and I am unable to open it… Grazie!

you can try this link.

Capto is on sale for 40% off.