March 2024 : Any Interest In Humane AI Pin?

Unsure if acceptable, but I am just curious if anyone has anything to say about the soon to be released Humane AI Pin who is also an Apple user.

I’m very interested to see where this category of device goes. This is basically what my legally blind spouse has always wanted, a device that can see the world that she can’t and help her navigate it. I could see a future where a wearable AI assistant really catches on as opposed to AR/XR glasses. I just can’t help but think that a large part of the world is just not going to want or use a digital overlay on top of reality where as most people use voice assistants today even though they are all terrible. I can see the utility for a really good one who can see what I see.

Now is Humane the company that makes it happen? I don’t know. They seem to have all of Apple’s ego without having done anything yet to deserve it, but I certainly can see them getting it right after a few attempts.

I don’t love how the AI Pin looks, but it’s a lot better looking than wearing a headset on your face! Society quickly adapted to Apple Watch on wrists and Airpods in ears so I don’t think a little square on my chest is necessarily a dealbreaker.


Zero interest from anything by a bunch of ex-Apple employees who publicly trashed Apple and the iPhone on their way out.

I don’t see why anyone would pay another monthly fee for connectivity for what should (effectively) be a phone accessory.

There’s no way at this time that the phone isn’t going to be the centre of your Personal Area network, including watches, earbuds or other smaller devices.

I know that watches can work standalone, but even that seems unnecessary for me unless you’re regularly heading out without your phone.

I was going to say I had no interest in this product beyond idle technical curiosity, but your comment makes me realize that this or something like it could be extraordinarily useful to some people.

Certainly someone like your wife could benefit from an alternative to a visually focused device, but there may be work or leisure activities that would preclude wearing something on the face or looking at a device. There must be people who have both hands engaged for long periods of time for work or leisure activities, or do things that would quickly render a screen or headset useless due to dirt or a high chance of impact.

I have my doubts about it as a mainstream device, though. It seems to me that a smartphone or smartwatch can provide similar functionality for most people, with fewer limitations.

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Meta’s smart glasses can describe objects it “sees” to the wearer, and AI earbuds & glasses with cameras are rumored to be in development by multiple companies. Items like this, IMO, are much more likely to be embraced by the general public than bulky AI goggles.

It seems we are much closer to devices like this than we are to AR/VR glasses.

Oh my. I was unaware of this bit.