Marginally OT: Looking for multi microphone recording of live music

This is marginally OT, but I know there are lots of audio people here, and I try to help lots of folks, so hope it will be allowed and not too annoying.

I’m teaching undergrads about independent component analysis and often use the analogy of recording an orchestra with multiple mics suspended from above. I talk through how the mixed signals can be decomposed into individual sources (flute, oboe, tympani), and the signal that you don’t want, the guy coughing in the audience. Remove the cough component, remix, and you have noise-free music.

I would like to find a multi-track recording like this where I can use ICA to decompose, remove a component, then remix the signals. It would ideally be from microphones so that the different sound sources bleed into surrounding mics.

So far my searches haven’t found anything useful. I could mix up some sine waves, but would rather have a real world, relatable example.

Anyone know of such a thing?

Unsure if I understand exactly, but:

Zoom have a huge range of field recorders that accept multiple microphones - the more inputs, the higher the price. I have been happy with my H5, but guess you would need more inputs. Zoom Corp

However, if you just need a multitrack file for education purposes, I have no idea.


Yeah, just looking for a file or files.

Have you checked: The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library ?

No, I have not.