MarginNote3 for thinking and knowledge management

Continuing the discussion from RemNote, It is a Real Horse Race Now:

I’m not sure I can do it justice, having just gotten back into using it. When starting to study a topic, you create a notebook and add books to the notebook. Books can be PDFs, EPUBs, etc. You can then read the documents on one half of the screen, and drag highlights into the workspace of the notebook. These highlights (cards) can then be linked together, notes and pictures added to them, etc. The cool thing is the cards are linked back to the original PDF/EPUB, so you can jump back and see things in context. And, there is much, much more (outlines, flashcards, etc.).

I’ve linked their intro video below. If you’re interested, it’s well worth taking some time to watch some of the Paperless Student and/or Tutoriots videos (linked below).

Intro video from the MN website

Paperless Student video (a good starting place)



I like it for studying multiple PDF and linking concerns together. Steep learning curve but more powerful than liquid text. Biggest issue is syncing across multiple devices which is a problem on MN3 for months. Hope they solve that issue soon

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Not months … a year or more. This is the biggest issue for sure.

MarginNote is also a self-contained system. The annotations cannot be recognized by any other PDF annotation tool. This problem is the same for LiquidText, but at least MarginNote properly imports annotations from PDFExpert (LiquidText does not).

Finally, I agree, when I compared LiquidText and MarginNote, that MarginNote has a stronger feature set.