Mark-up pictures iOS fix?

Is there a way to stop iOS decreasing the picture quality when doing mark up on it?

MacOS does not do this. Marking up pictures is part of my daily work and I like the tools and the general layout/functions in iOS on my iPad Pro. Sadly I can’t live with comprmised picture quality so I have to use the Mac for now.
Does anybody know if one can toggle this off or any other way of fixing this issue?

Thanks for any answers😀

P.S. Made a screen record to show how it looks but could not upload it here, is there a way to do that?

In my testing the markup doesn’t impact the quality. What makes you say the quality is decreased?

To your PS. You can only upload pictures or GIFs. Could you upload before and after pictures? To do this click on the image logo on the top bar.

Thanks will do! So there should be a fix.

I’m not sure. What makes you say you are loosing quality?

Hi Jason,

thanks for all the help so far! Here is the same picture once marked up on iOS 11.4.1 (iPad Pro 10.5’) and with macOS 10.13.6 (MacBook Pro mid 2014). Have to split in two posts because of the upload limit of 1 picture.


The resolution gets quite severely reduced on IOS. You can see it in the part where I used the loupe tool.

Here is the macOS version:

That’s interesting. I’m not seeing that happen on my iPhone X. I can see the image size difference in the photos you posted. Before you do markup they match size and quality, correct?

Have you tried Annotable? Not sure if your workflow allows but it’s got much greater capability.

Jepp, before the mark up they match in size and quality.
Tested a bit further:

original: 4032x3024

marked up on Mac (macOS 10.13.4): 4032x3024

marked up on iPad Pro 10.5’ (iOS 12):2224x1668

marked up on iPhone 7+ (iOS 12): 2100x1575

Really weird that it does that and even more that the two iOS machines have different resolutions…

Tried Annotable but ran into the issue that when you pull the loupe tool over the edge of the picture the picture gets extended to include the whole louped area. It didn’t decrease the quality though but gives me one more work step (cropping the picture).

Guess the Mac will work a while longer then…:slight_smile:

hugh, guess Annotable decreased the quality as well (checked the picture now) but based the louped parts on the original… .

Interesting. So in my initial test I used a screenshot to edit. If you edit a screenshot it does not lose quality. If you edit a photo you do. It appears the max resolution after an edit is 2100 x 1575. I’ll have to see what else I can find. For now it appears to be a limitation of the software and not a setting I can find.