Markdown headers to .docx styles

Why is it that so many apps (like Marked 2, Bear, etc.) that have export for Markdown files to .docx files don’t set headers to the style sheet? I know pandoc can do this, but I’d love to be able to just use the apps that already support this export. Are there any non-pandoc apps that do this/do this well? Are there any apps that integrate through pandoc really well?

I don’t use the docx export in Ulysses, but they’ve had it since 2015. Here is a primer on the app’s .docx and PDF export.

If you own Marked 2 and find any deficiencies in its export I’d recommend you contact Brett Terpstra about it. He’s a pretty hands-on developer and may be able to look at what pandoc does and implement it in Marked.

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There’s also a Nisus Writer Pro macro that I’ve used for years. Linked from the Nisus forums.

Brett’s been working on adding this as a feature for…a while