Markdown Quick Note on iOS

I’m looking for the ability to quickly take notes on my iPhone or iPad, in Markdown, which get saved to a folder on iCloud. Any suggestions for an app? Could be a meeting, a thought, a worked out idea, an agenda…

Subscription free if possible, but maybe I’ll have to bite the bullet and go for something like Drafts, assuming the process of saving to iCloud can be automated on iOS or on the Mac.

On my Mac I take Markdown notes using Eaglefiler (Mac only) which pops up a ‘Quick Entry’ box and can save as a .md file within its library (which is on iCloud, hence the question). I’ve used Devonthink but I’ve had sync issues and DTTG wasn’t particularly quick last time I tried. It’s another option, though.

I’ll just paste links to App Store entries. These all create markdown files, IIRC, and I believe they don’t have subscriptions.

I believe Taio will be your winner.

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Ryan’s answer sent me down a rabbit hole, and I found this:


It’s a great list, though I advocate for people to build their own. I once found it very helpful to delineate the specific features I actually cared about (many of which were not on Terpstra’s list).

I can’t believe Obsidian isn’t on your list Ryan!

I’m a fan of iA Writer, I have iA Writer linked to my Obsidian vault. I prefer to write in iA Writer, but use Obsidian to organize and reflect on my notes.

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Heh. My full list is a lot longer than the three I posted above! But if the OP really just wants quick and simple markdown files, I don’t think I’d use Obsidian. It’d be like buying a JCB1 when you needed a shovel!

1. A good tune: ‎JCB by Nizlopi on Apple Music