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Hi gang - quick question, any recommendations for a comprehensive reference for markdown? Yes, I’ve searched but haven’t found anything satisfactory.

Thanks in advance!

The thing is that there is not much to learn.

One option is:

From John Gruber himself:


Keep in mind that some formatting you might expect is not available in standard Markdown. If you need those formats, you’ll have to use a flavor of MD that has extended features. MultiMarkdown (MMD) and Github-flavored MD are two popular ones you may run across.

From MMD‘s site:

MultiMarkdown adds these features to the basic Markdown syntax:

  • footnotes
  • tables
  • citations and bibliography (works best in LaTeX using BibTeX)
  • math support
  • automatic cross-referencing ability
  • smart typography, with support for multiple languages
  • image attributes
  • table and image captions
  • definition lists
  • glossary entries (LaTeX only)
  • document metadata (e.g. title , author , etc.)

If you’re an R user (or not), see also rmarkdown, bookdown, thesisdown, blogdown, and probably others.



Brett Terpstra and I had written a nice¹ one … maybe not fully comprehensive but we aimed for the 90% of the stuff that 95% of people would need to know to get “good” at Markdown.

Of course now it’s gone because TUAW died.

¹ (IMO.)

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Some I’ve collected along the way:

From MakeUseOf
Markdown and Github
From Github


There is a @MacSparky field guide for that!


like the footnote! neat.