Markdown to formatted text in Outlook IOS

I have been experimenting to take my Markdown document and exporting it to MS Outlook on IOS (need to use this for the work-account). I naturally want the Markdown syntax to be parsed to bold, italics, bullet lists etc.

What is a good workflow for this? I have tested both from Ulysses and Drafts 5, but once it ends up in the Outlook editor, it is either just plain text, or the full markdown or HTML document, unparsed.

This does work as I expect when sending the text to from Apple and to Spark from Drafts 5. Sending from Ulysses mainly creates a new email with a file attachment…

You can use Drafts to set the clipboard to %%[draft]%%, pasting that in Outlook should result in rich text.


Thanks Rose, but this only seems to produce HTML for me, not pasteable Rich Text?

Of course, the Outlook editor might be the limiting factor here as well.

UPDATE I just tested from Ulysses, (copy Rich Text to Clipboard) and it pasted correctly into MS Word. I got my headings, bold and italics just fine. When taking that nicely formatted text from within MS Word and pasting it to the Outlook editor, I just get plain text again.

So, seems like the culprit is indeed the Outlook editor, stripping out any formatting information from the clipboard.

Try this:

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