MarkEdit - Open Source Markdown Editor - Mac native

MarkEdit is a free and open-source Markdown editor, for macOS. It’s just like TextEdit on Mac but dedicated to Markdown.

It really looks nice, works nicely, too. :slight_smile: Right now, it is available via TestFlight. EDIT: And now also via ‎MarkEdit for Markdown on the Mac App Store

Lately, there seem to be more and more open source Mac apps entering the scene.

So, why ANOTHER Markdown editor? :wink:

We have lots of cross-platform editors already, way too enough, let’s bring some love back to Mac.

MarkEdit is built for those who still love aesthetic macOS apps. As a decent document-based app, you get lots of awesome features that you are familiar with for free.

We respect macOS conventions entirely, including UI controls, key bindings, etc. All native features are kept, such as force-touching a word to look up, force-touching a link to preview, and check spelling while typing.

Happy Monday! :wink:


I do not want to talk anybody out of this, if he/she wants to use it, BUT how is the appearance, as you could see on the three pictures on the linked site, any different to almost every other Markdown Editor?
What makes this one special “Macish”??

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If @snelly still wants to create his own editor, this could be a good starting point. Otherwise, I have all my Markdown needs more than met. It’s a crowded market for markdown editors, even free ones. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for posting.

I’ll be interested to see how fully if styles the markdown. I prefer seeing every markdown character, but I also want to see the resulting formatting.

Typora does the latter but not the former, and also sometimes has trouble pasting markdown, weirdly (arbitrarily escaping markdown characters so they render instead of being interpreted). Most markdown editors show every formatting character without fully interpreting the result inline. NotePlan can do both (obscuring many markdown characters until the cursor is nearby, which is fine by me), but can’t have documents in arbitrary places or render tables. Sometimes I need both those things.

So I could see this fitting into my workflow, probably replacing Typora.


I’ve made my peace with the sandboxed CloudKit location of NotePlan’s files. Or maybe I just don’t have the same need to share NotePlan files across apps. :slightly_smiling_face: But I do wish NotePlan would render the Markdown tables that I make in the TableFlip app. I’m sure I would make more tables if I could see them.

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Oh, I’ve made peace with it too. After all, most other markdown apps can see and use documents where NotePlan keeps them. So it works.

Agreed on table. They’re coming, but I gather it’s tricky (requiring an HTML layer, if I understand it right, while all other formatting so far can be done with existing text features in the OSes).

I’m confused—the GitHub project says the initial commits were yesterday but the Mac App Store says the application is 4+ years old (with no recent releases). Which one is it?

Also, the developer seems to be the same developer as the Taio Markdown editor.

Released yesterday. Regarding the AppStore’s 4+ age rating (I did not notice that it already is available outside of TestFlight, too, sorry)… The app is suitable for persons that are 4 years and older. :slight_smile: Just click on the “More info” link beneath it and Apple is telling you: “Apps in this category do not contain any offensive content.” (Translated from German, your original English wording may differ.) Apart from that I do not see any hint of this app being in the AppStore for more than 4 years.

Yes, and his name is Ying Zhong. Taio is not open source, not free, and has a different feature set (and to be honest, I never heard about Taio. :slight_smile: I stumbled upon this Markdown Editor via a German tech blog: MarkEdit: Markdown-Editor für macOS (be advised: German… :wink: ).

Why did I post this here? Well, I thought it might be of interest. What is it that did catch my interest? The app looks nice (yes, others do, too), it is free (yay!), it is open source (yay!), it has a small footprint of only 4.1 MB (yay!).

Off-Topic: I do not know why, but I am quite happy about the influx of open source apps recently, like ‎Ice Cubes: for Mastodon on the App Store (Mastodon client). Open source is a way of sustainability, I love the concept. It is not for everything, but sometimes it is an option to get good apps out of the gate just for fun, being driven by a thriving development community (yes, it remains to be seen if MarkEdit proves itself to be like that on GitHub moving forward).

Yes, it is of interest. I was looking for a no-frills Markdown editor and this checks the basics --a preview would have been nice, but I can live with that.

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If I understand correctly what you are asking for, you can get an excellent preview of your Markdown text, as well as handy export options, using Brett Terpstra’s fine Mac app called Marked. This app works with any and all Markdown editors. In my opinion, all users of Markdown should have this app in their tool chest.


Agreed! I treasure Marked 2 for its excellent export functionality.


Thank you. I use / try quite a few markdown editors, and this one is great. I particularly like the way it formats the syntax - I can see the code and the styling.

Thank you.

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:flushed:Oops—you’re right. I’m going to give it a try. I’ve been using MacDown but I don’t really like the two pane UI.

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Thanks for sharing this!
The most interesting thing about MarkEdit for me is that it does not come with any kind of document library. I’ll keep it around for now as the default file handler for .md files.


I’m very fascinated by this. I contacted Ying Zhong earlier this year about Taio to see if they would be willing to have an extra developer to build out some more features. It’s a great app, but it feels like it’s made for an iPad and iPhone more than a Mac. He replied that they aren’t interested, but that he would release an open source app that I would probably like later on this year. I guess this is it!