Marketing Question - Pre-Order Timing Strategy?

I’ve noticed that Apple seems to stagger pre-orders for products announced at the same event. Anybody have any insight as to why they do this?

I mean…I know it shapes their website traffic at least a little bit, and taking the hit multiple times over a week or two is probably advantageous from a server management perspective. But I really feel like a company the size of Apple should have that part figured out.

It almost can’t be because they’re unsure of the product, as they’ve already announced specs, pricing, etc.

Anybody have any marketing-type insight as to why Apple does this?

Especially this year I think it’s just based on when these products will be available to ship from the factory. I’m guessing Apple would much rather have been able to put all four iPhones on sale on the Friday after the event.


I was wondering about that - but do the ship dates have to correspond with the pre-order date? The whole point of a pre-order is to order something that doesn’t ship yet, isn’t it?

It might shape sales too, I guess they could open preorders for the best revenue generating models early…

But this year might be just because it’s COVID year

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