MarsEdit or Ulysses or Ia Writer for blogging

Just want to hear from my fellow bloggers which app do you use most for writing publishing your blogs?

I have tried all 3 but surprising enough I quite like Ia Writer. Also it is the only one that gives me the option to connect to and not directing me to I have trouble getting Ulysses and MarsEdit to connect to my WP site, I guess I am doing something wrong. Also I do not like Ulysses that I cannot check my linked publishing site, again I could be missing something

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I love iA Writer and use it to post to WordPress and from the iPad.

I’m sure Daniel Jalkut would be happy to help you out with Mars Edit. He’s an upstanding member of the Mac community.

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I’ve used MarsEdit with WordPress for years and will stick with it.

I love Ulysses, but find iA Writer to be a much snappier application. (Especially once you get lots loaded into it.) I also appreciate that iA Writer now supports wiki links, so if you happen to use something like Obsidian, you can share the same library of documents.

I can’t speak to MarsEdit.


I have successfully published to self-hosted WordPress blogs using Ulysses. You can also use the native WordPress app, or now the new Jetpack one.

Personally, I find the limitations of Markdown mean I write the words in Ulysses and push it up directly as a draft, before switching to Safari and just using the WordPress back end to natively ‘pretty up’ the content and publish.

You may find this strange, but I usually use the built-in Gutenberg editor of WordPress. It offers many content modules, which can be extended with plugins. And I can always see how the article would look published. I’ve written over 1000 medium length articles this way without ever losing content. Very text-heavy articles or when I want to work on the road, I sometimes write in Obsidian as a draft.

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Neither. I use Drafts.

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Same here. I love MarsEdit.

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