Masked or Unmasked Email?

I’m curious if anyone is using masked email regularly. I started using masked email when 1Password and Fastmail partnered together. I’ve found the process more annoying than helpful.

What’s been your experience creating & using masked email?

I am not sure it is necessary

Suppose your email address is:

You can likely achieve the same effect as masked email by using email addresses with a + such as:

As far as I know, this works on just about any email domain.

I don’t think that works with Office 365 addresses - at least not corporate ones.

I’ve used it occasionally when Apple have given me the option during signup and it’s a site/app I need a login for but don’t have any desire to hear from again. It’s relatively easy to do, and has the advantage that you can just delete that email address any time and never hear from the organisation again.

Usually I just give my personal GMail account when signing up for things and try to keep my university and business accounts free from subscriptions.

I have used a few so far on my FASTMAIL account. I find it convenient that when I am asked to fill in an email address 1Password asks me if I want to use a masked address. I expect to continue using them.

I use Apple’s Hide My Email iCloud feature all the time.

Thank you for your responses. In experimenting a little more, I think some of my frustration is my expectation. While I can create new masked emails easily, 1P doesn’t update the login automatically as I expected.

Thank you again.

not sure how this will play out if you have to reply , will that reveal your original email address?

I used Masked email extensively , especially in trying out new ventures in the Internet World, I just do not know I would get spammed or will I stick to the services that I am trying out for. With Masked email, I just either block the email from getting into my inbox or delete the masked email if I choose not

Not sure you can do the same with system