Mass file renamed with regex support

Anyone have recommendations or horror stories about mass file renamers?
This is something that could potentially be hard to recover from, and would appreciate your experiences.
I’m considering Renamer 5.

FWIW, I use A Better Finder Rename. The RegEx pattern options have been a great benefit.



+1 for a better finder rename

Works for me 100% of the time


macOS’s “Rename xx Items” in the Finder contextual menu works fine for many renaming tasks (renaming with replacing text, or adding text or using a name + counter pattern). Edit > Undo will revert the changes if errors happen.

A Better Finder Rename is great, but since macOS introduced this feature, with Sierra I think, I haven’t needed it. For really sensitive renaming tasks I back up a copy of all the files first, of course.


I like Name Mangler. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of not just its built-in steps but also the advanced mode where you can write little renaming scripts for more complex renames.


+1 for Better Finder Rename

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I achieved god-like status when I let an undergrad rename her Windows files with Finder on my Mac. Unfortunately, the files I need to manipulate are within sub-sub-folders, so Finder’s rename is still a bit tedious.

If you can find them with a Spotlight search, so that they are all presented in a single window then the Finder rename should help. But, BFR is probably a better solution for this situation.

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Same here. I was a major user of Better Finder Rename until Rename xx Items, which I’ve found to do all I need. Better File Rename was overkill.

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I used Renamer on some files, and it tells me I saved 270 hours. Pretty impressive :upside_down_face:
I’ll probably go with it if the need for mass renames and regexp substitution continues.
Thanks for the suggestions.

How do you suppose that’s calculated? 270 hours seems a bit too incredible?

I routinely use NameChanger.


Free or donationware, very simple, not much too it but for what I do it works well enough.