Mass mail send from Mail

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I hope this is the correct forum, and that I’ve tagged my topic so that it makes sense.

I’m looking for a way to send an email to 100 different recipients, but I don’t want my recipients to be able to see each other in the “TO:” field, and neither would I like to put them all in the “BCC:” field. It’s an invite for a swim meet in Denmark, and the swimming community in DK is rather small, so it’s important for the recipients to feel, that it doesn’t appear to be a generic mass mail.

Instead I’m looking for a way to send one email at a time in some automated fashion, and I have all my recipients in an Excel spreadsheet. Preferably I would like to also include the contact person’s name in the body field, so that I can start off by saying “Hi [name]”.

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This is usually referred to as a Mail Merge, off of the top of my head I am not sure of a way to do this just using Mail and Contacts, but I’m sure you could do something with an application like Keyboard Maestro.

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Thanks Rose, I’ll take a look at Keyboard Maestro, which I have.

I would be interested to hear if you come up with a solution. Usually, when I do a mail merge, I use Microsoft Word and Outlook on a Windows PC; I don’t want to install Outlook on my Mac. I’m not a fan.

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Perhaps outwith your area of experience, but I do exactly that with a very small Python program. You (or others who might be interested) can get pointer by internet search on “python send email to multiple users”. Yes, requires knowing a (tiny) bit of Python, but not only works but sets you up for further automation.

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Just wanted to follow up here. I’m “daywalker”, so to speak. I use my Mac at work, but our infrastructure is built around Microsoft, and I have access to Office 2016, O365, etc., so when I learned this could be done from Outlook without breaking a sweat, I stopped searching, as I can get the job done.

I am tempted, however, to make this work with KeyBoard Maestro, when I find the time :slight_smile: