Mastermind Virtual Conference?

It’s almost 2 years since the Mastermind group stuff got going here. The group I’m in has been going since March 2019 I think (Not entirely sure of the date)

It occurred to me that it mught be really interesting to hold some sort of real-time virtual conference with all the various separate mastermind grous present to share ideas.

How has the group helped you or what is the function? What worked for your group in terms of structure? How have you handled changes in people either coming or going from the group?

Just throwing it out there as an idea. I know I’ve learned so much from my Mastermind group and I bet my group could learn a lot from how other groups operate.


I would love to participate in something like this!

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I don’t know what a mastermind group is, but I’m all for sharing experiences and ideas. :grinning:

They came up on Focused about a year and a half ago:

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Thanks Chris. 20 characters…

Maybe Mastermind is like Fight Club?

oh Well I thought it was a good idea but I guess not enoughadditional interest.

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