Matte 23-27 Monitor for Mac mini 2018?


I use a Mac mini 2018 (3.2 i7 16GB). I am ready to replace my 23 Apple Cinema HD Display. I want another matte screen 23-27 inch.

Other than daily use of Mail, Safari/Firefox/Brave, Omnifocus, Busycal, I build with Wordpress and use CiviCRM. So nothing very demanding. After reading up here about Mac mini, I chose the above configuration. It does all I need and more which makes me happy.

What matte 23-27 monitors would you recommend I consider?

I am budgeting ~$500. Possibly wiling to go a little higher. I like something which is well built and which gives me better performance than my beloved Cinema Display.


I have 2 4K monitors (a Dell for at work (I can get the model number on Monday), and an Asus (MG28UQ) at the house) for my MBP. The Dell sits beside my 23” Cinema display that’s still going strong. Neither of the 4K monitors will win design awards but they cost under $500 each and do their jobs without fuss.

The Asus is a gaming monitor; I don’t game or do graphics work but I write a fair bit of code and they work well for that.


Last two monitors I bought (last one purchased in 2015, I think) were both matte-screened Dells. One was 24" the replacement was a 25". I liked them both.

I’d check the usual suspects (iMore, PCmag, Wirecutter, tomshardware, techradar) for recent reviews. Lots of excellent options today, and it’s unlikely that most Mac users (who tend to use Apple screens) will be able to compare available models like a good comparison review can.


I trust only :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input. A useful resource which @bowline pointed me to surfaced this article specifically about Matte monitors.

Still looking for comments and recommendations.
Cheers and Onwards…


I am also using the ASUS MG28UQ and find it to be a very decent 4K display for my 2018 mini. Keep your eye out for sales, and you will be a happy camper with one.


I like this one from LG. Matte, and in your price range.