Maximizing battery longevity

I was pleased to find the option to limit charging to 80% on my new 15 Pro Max. Al Dente really slowed down the battery degradation on my 2017 MBP after I installed it, but there’s been nothing similar for iOS.

Apple’s optimized battery charging never really worked for those of us who don’t charge on a regular schedule, and the new option’s hard 80% limit (even though it “will occasionally charge to 100 percent to maintain accurate battery state-of-charge estimates”) is better for longevity than always taking it to 100% at the last minute like OBC.

Even with just (mostly) remembering to unplug my phone before it was fully charged, not leaving it plugged in overnight, and trying not to let it run down to zero, the XS Max I just upgraded from still has 85% maximum capacity after five years of heavy use and a lot of recharging.

Admittedly the bigger batteries make that easier to do with the max phones.

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