May 2023 Hardware/Software/MPU related Sales and Deals

Mac Studio - Apple M1 Max Chip - 512GB, 32GB of unified memory(2022)
$1,499.99 ($450 off)
$450 savings is valid 5/6/23 through 5/14/23. While supplies last. Limit 2 per member.

Beware - the 512GB SSD in this base model is a joke.


A quick search did not clarify for me what is wrong with this configuration. What is your objection?

Amazon (maybe US only?)
Apple 2023 Mac Mini Desktop Computer M2 Pro chip with 10‑core CPU and 16‑core GPU, 16GB Unified Memory, 512GB SSD Storage, Gigabit Ethernet.
$1,199.00 ($100 off)

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A tiny 512GB SSD with the power of a Mac Studio is a huge mismatch. Using external storage so quickly to expand the capacity is downgrading the performance.

IMHO, anyone that feels they need a Mac Studio instead of a Mx Macbook or a Mac Mini would be penny-wise dollar-foolish not to have any size internal SSD larger than 512 GB.

(First world problem, but my only regret with my Mac Studio I bought last June is that I didn’t go right for the 8 TB SSD. I’ve already outgrown the internal 4 TB, but not the rest of the amazing performance of this system.)


Thank you for sharing this!

I have been using Discourse for years and never knew… :person_facepalming:

In my defense: on my iPad there is no visible arrow (an empty box instead)


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You’re very welcome. I only learned it recently a month or two ago from someone else here on the Mac Power Users forum!

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Mac Studio - Apple M1 Ultra Chip - 1TB, 64GB of unified memory (2022)
$3,199.99 ($600 off)
$600 savings is valid 5/6/23 through 5/14/23. While supplies last. Limit 2 per member.

:thinking: makes one wonder if something is up with the Mac Studio

No, lots of bought M1 MacBook Air machines and are still happy with them! :rofl:

Looks like a new MacStudio is on the horizon. That could be a reason for the price drops.


Costco wants to clear off their inventory.

Like… how? Are you a professional video editor?

Mac mini – Apple M2 Pro Chip 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU – 16GB Memory – 512GB SSD – Silver
$150 savings is valid 5/15/23 through 5/22/23. While supplies last. Limit 2 per member.–-apple-m2-pro-chip-10-core-cpu,-16-core-gpu-–-16gb-memory-–-512gb-ssd-–--silver.product.100943080.html

I was also baffled by @SpivR assertion but I understand his point is that the investment on those massive CPUs is only cost effective if your workloads are those associated with huge files like video/music/photo edition, and such (AI/ML, development work also come to mind). I’m not sure I agree with it, but the argument itself makes sense.

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If the latest Mac Mini had come out first, I think I would have opted for that instead of the Mac Studio.

I am fearful the Mac Studio will be abandoned or on a very slow update path, like the Mac Pro (old or new versions).

I see very niche “need” for a Mac Studio over a Mac Mini for most people. Keep in mind, a fair number of video/photograhy creators are very happy using a Macbook Air.

It all is relative - if you are moving from an older Intel Mac of any kind, even the entry-level M1 Mac is so much faster and more powerful.

I chose the Mac Studio mainly because all my desktop Macs are 27" iMac Retina, and Apple has chosen to not offer a 27" iMac with non-Intel CPU, so my choice was either the Mac Mini or the Mac Studio.

When the Mac Studio plus Studio Display came out last year, it was the ideal fit for me having been fighting the limited ports/expansion of the iMacs and the desire for maximum speed/capacity overall.

To answer more specifically:

I have a workflow which creates a 100gb output file. When active, I prefer to keep at least 3 versions so that means 300gb of storage “in play” for a single project. Currently, I’m archiving all the source files and NOT stripping things down when done, so each finished project adds 200gb or more to the archive.

I could devise a different workflow and streamline archiving, but right now I’m happier throwing a little extra $$ than investing the time and effort to change the workflow to a more complicated and less convenient flow simply to conserve storage.

I will have to do that eventually, as I just priced out LTO tape for archiving and yeah, that’s not going to be an option with the drive costing almost $6000.

Agreed! As a matter of fact, I’m currently running a 2018 15’’ MBP and besides the fan noise I generally do not feel it to be much slower than my work computer, an M1 Max, although it is. We are at a point were even older base devices are perfectly usable for most use cases.

It looks like Costco’s $1,499.99 Mac Studio (Apple M1 Max Chip/512GB/32GB of unified memory/2022) deal has been extended until 5/22/23.
“$450 savings is valid 5/18/23 through 5/22/23. While supplies last. Limit 2 per member.”

I think that price can be a feature.

A base Mac mini M2 Pro from Apple currently lists for $1,299 (Costco still has it for $1,099 until 5/22/23). Increasing the memory of that Mac mini M2 Pro to 32GB at the Apple store (not currently possible at Costco) adds another $400 bringing it to $1,699. Because of Apple’s memory pricing approach and lack of upgradeability, suddenly the Costco Mac Studio deal becomes more of a bargain . . .

I stand by my original comment, 512 GB of SSD is a joke on any Mac Studio.


I agree. I always purchased base model iMacs for our customer service and sales departments and by 2018 all their applications except email were running in a browser. (Most preferred Apple Mail at that time). I doubt if “regular” office workers will ever need more than an M1.