May 4th Easter eggs

Just saw this on my Dock and it made me laugh.

Captura de Tela 2021-05-04 às 11.36.21

May the force be with you all!


This has to be one of @MacSparky’s favorite days of the year, right? (I do have Apple’s Star Wars playlist on in the background. Nothing like using The Imperial March for motivation)


A favorite from years ago, just before the last of the prequels premiered:

And another, from about a year later:

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Go to Google and search “Star Wars Day” if you want a good laugh. :laughing:

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I am such a nerd. I took the day off and went to Galaxy’s Edge and spent most of the 85 degree day out in the sun. I was dressed so Star-Wars-y, that other guests kept walking up to me and asking me where the bathroom was. Anyway, I’ve decided that for as long as I’m sucking oxygen, I’m going back there every May the 4th going forward.

Sort of related, I’ll be making a video about the experience over at It’ll post in the next few days.