Mbp 2011 (?) 15"

I have a 15" MBP which I think is a 2011 model.

I replaced the HDD with an SDD and it worked fine for a number of years. However, I bought and have been using a 2018 model, so the 2011 model became my back-up.

When I recently went to start the 2011 model up, it begins to log in, but …

(1) the Apple logo is green, not black / dark gray

(2) the display shows up as a large number of barely visible columns

(3) each of the columns and the Apple logo is further divided into a series of alternating dark and light rows.

Some idea of what is happening can be seen in the attached photo:

When the progress bar gets about half way along, the screen just goes blank white and nothing further happens. I cannot log in.

I have tried resetting the PRAM (or NVRAM) and the SMC and reinstalling the OS (I think it is High Sierra).

I appreciate this is an old machine, but was hoping to retain it as a “back-up” as the old accounting software I used is not compatible with Catalina and there are no plans to upgrade the software. I still need access, however, for at least a year or two.

So any thoughts about what is wrong and whether it is fixable would be much appreciated?

I have no idea about the hardware issues, but if you’re really stuck you can run 32 bit software in a virtual machine running an older version of MacOS.

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It looks like a failing GPU:

(The link is not very helpful, but one of the screenshot looks almost exactly like your picture.)

The fix potentially is a new logic board. But, well, I think that might be a little to much for a 2011 MacBook Pro.

There had been a repair program for that particular model and this issue, but it ended in 2017:

After 9 years, a device eventually failing like that might be normal, though…

Agreed, European law says 6 years for manufacturing defects. However it might not hurt to intact Apple, if you reach a support person on a good day, they may take pity in some small way.


It does look like the same issue. The age of the machine would not really warrant the cost. I think.

Definitely a GPU failure. There are instructions for disabling the discrete GPU and just running off the integrated GPU. If you’re handy with hardware realmacmods.com has instructions. When you disable the GPU you won’t be able to use an external monitor.


That is definitely my issue. Now I think about it, I am pretty sure I already had the logic board on that laptop replaced for something like this issue.

I guess it is worth trying as otherwise the MBP is destined for the recycle collection.

I concur with the GPU failure because I had exactly the same thing happen to exactly the same model of computer, although it was within warranty… just… when it happened to me.

Some of the screen “displays” were pretty wild.

Yes. That was the issue.

I have completed the software part of the “Mod”. Could see the screen display like it should be. Bit jittery and only in Safe Boot mode.

The hardware part is beyond my skill level, so looking for someone with micro soldering skills in Melbourne.