MBP crash on wake from sleep - solved?

Hi all - after one of the Mac OS updates for my 2018 MBP, it started to crash on wake from sleep. I soldiered on expecting a software update to fix it and it never did. I now have a 2021 M1 MBP and the same thing was happening - with the difference that the M1 MBP boots up more or less instantly. For this machine the diagnostic starts with:

panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffe001b34c8d4): Sleep transition timed out after 35 seconds while calling power state change callbacks. Suspected bundle: com.apple.driver.AppleBCMWLANBusInterfacePCIe.

Normally the MBP is lid shut with an LG display, a Logi bluetooth MX Keys keyboard, an Apple Magic Mouse most of the time and a Logi MX Master 2s occasionally.

Searching on this issue discovered a few people on Apple forums with similar issues, no solutions that worked for everyone, but the usual suggestions of relogging, deleting everything to do with Bluetooth and starting over, nuke and pave etc.

I began to wonder if this could be something to do with how I was actually waking up the MBP. I typically use the arrow keys since since anything else could enter into or submit a dialog. However rather than hitting one arrow key once, I was drumming on them multiple times…

Since I’ve been careful to hit one arrow key once to wake up the MBP it has not crashed on wake.

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I use a key like CTRL that has little to no effect on whatever might be waiting and about to receive input from the keyboard.

And when I crash in a situation like this, I don’t just restart. I restart of course, but then I close everything that is running and shutdown to get clean closure. Than I start again and continue on my way.

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