MBP Desk Stand Recommendation

I am looking for a desk stand for my MBP. I want to be able to elevate the MBP higher next to my monitor so both are at eye level. I’m looking for something like this:

Do you have any recommendations for a high quality MBP desk stand? I’m hesitant to purchase an “off brand” stand. Thanks.

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Twelve South has some nice, but pricey, options.

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Sorry, could follow your link. I have used the “mStand laptop stand” for many years. Its simple, robust and just the right height for most.

The link got split. Here is a good one.


Sorry about that, thanks!

My personal favorite is the mStand by RainDesign. They were also popular with some of my users.


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I like my Twelve South too.

I have mine on a monitor arm. It frees up a lot of desk space. It’s a vesa mount laptop tray.
It’s separate from the monitor mount, which places it too high.

Edit: better photo


Thanks for the suggestions. Does anyone have first-hand experience with this adjustable stand? Have you found the quality to be good?

The Roost laptop stand is a great option, especially if you want something that’s highly portable.

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I have this one! It works pretty well. I enjoy it. If you have any questions let me know!

I have a Roost for travel, and at work I have an Amazon Basics stand (the one that looks like it’s a single sheet of metal curved into a sort of C shape). They’re both good.


I use the 12 South Curve as a laptop stand. Works to raise my laptop to more eye level and it allowing me to store stuff underneath is a plus. Like putting my notebook underneath when I’m not needing it

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Thanks everyone for the good advice, much appreciated. After reviewing the recommendations, I purchased the Twelve South HiRise.

Thanks again.