Mbp m1 or mbp 2019

What do you think I will get?

M1 and buy this usb hub


Macbook pro 2019 and buy 2pcs thunderbolt3 to usb adaptor
Since it has 4 usb c ports

Btw it is both 2nd hand and at the same price.

What will I choose?

Mostly I need 3 usb port:

1 for charger
1 for camera card reader / audio card reader
1 for external hdd

I will use it for data wrangling works like transfering big files and for viewing recorded files mostly 4k and 6k resolution

Not enough information to judge.

  • Screen size of 2019 MBP?
  • RAM of both
  • SSD size of both
  • Do you have software that won’t run on an M1 or Big Sur? Do you want to run software that only runs on an M1?