MBP M1 - which external monitor


I have tried to understand what is the better monitor for me to use for my new MBP, but seem to get lost.
I need it purely for office work, and perhaps a bit of photo editing.

I have presently a 27" 4K Lenovo, and that’s simply not doing the trick due to it either being to small or too big, and if I chooses to scale it, then there is a small performance latency which I won’t accept.

So what do I need to get (and no not the Apple Monitor :wink: )… The physical size should not be less than 27", but I do not understand what resolution I need to choose vs size.

Hope someone can help with real suggestions as I do not seem to understand the “integer” logic.

Kind regards

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I am using the Philips Brilliance 49”. Pretty happy with it.

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