MBP: Slow Death?

I have a 2017 MBP 13". Recently it is taking an increasingly long time for it to wake up from sleep. At least one of the USB-C ports seems to be dead. Half the time it will recognize my wireless mouse and keyboard connected through a hub, but it won’t recognize my external monitor.

Is it time to upgrade?

I’d wait to see what Apple announces from June through October if you can hold off. You may want to get the newest model, but if not, you may be able to purchase current models for a little less after Apple announces new models.


Possibly, your hardware may be failing. But it is also possible that a clean install of macOS and all your applications might be all that is needed. If you are someone that has to have the latest and greatest I’d suggest you take @Bmosbacker ‘s advice.

If not, even an M1 MacBook Air would be a major upgrade for you. Make sure you are backing up regularly and think about what you really need, and want. At this point you have options.


You can run your own hardware diagnostics, too.


Please run the Apple Diagnostics before reinstalling the OS.

Next perform a PRAM reset and see if these issues persist.

Based on your comment about a USB port being non functional, along with slow to boot, I believe you have a Logic Board that is failing.

If you need a computer now, then buy one now. Mac computer refresh cycles are typically Spring/Summer and iPhone/iPad refresh cycles are Autumn/Winter.

Yes… yes it is time for an upgrade.


How’s the battery condition?