MBP won’t boot up after SetApp

Recently installed SetApp and was enjoying the benefits.

I think somehow in that process, the rest of my HD free space got used up.

Now I can’t get it to boot up to a point where I can do anything…like uninstalling SetApp until I figure out my HD space issues.


At what point does it hang exactly?

Can you boot while holding down cmd (⌘) + V? This will put all sorts of text on your screen while booting, and give much more info to you (and us). If you could post a picture of that, with at least the last ~5 lines clearly readable, that would probably help.

If you are sure it’s because of a disk space issue there are a few things you could try. Just from the top of my head:

  • If you have an external disk you could install macOS on that, boot from it, and delete some files from your Mac HD that way.
  • Maybe you can still boot into safe mode (hold down shift (⇧) while booting) and delete files from there.
  • Boot into single user mode (hold down cmd (⌘) + S while booting) and use a command line interface

But some info from a boot using cmd (⌘) + V would really help a lot. :slight_smile: