Meetup in London: July 9th

Hi everyone!

There will be an MPU meet up in London on July 9th, in the evening at the Wetherspoons just outside of Victoria station.

For those of you not familiar with this chain it’s a basic pub, with food and a variety of drinks. There’s no dress code - MPU attire is optional!

We’re starting from 6pm onwards :grin:

I should be clear, @macsparky is attending - sadly Katie can’t make it (long trip for just an evening!).

Some useful links:
If you’re in need of affordable accommodation close by then I would recommend Goldsmid House, it’s university student accommodation, but better than the easyHotel (at a similar price), mostly because every room has a window.

For transport around London the app Citymapper is very useful. The pub is just outside Victoria station, look for the Wilton Road exits.

Wetherspoons also has an app which allows you to order without visiting the bar. They support Apple Pay in the app and at the bar though, so the choice is yours.

Your nearest Apple Store will be Regent Street which has been refurbished to be a flagship store.


Important update: there will be stickers!


We will be meeting from 6pm onwards! Also, there are stickers. Even more stickers :nerd_face:

Just because I’ve had a few questions:

  • Sign up is not required
  • The more the merrier!
  • Yes, there really are stickers
  • No entry fee
  • You buy what you want to eat and drink :wink:


  • Yes, I have the Shortcuts beta, yes, you can see it!

See you on Monday!

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Last point convinced me :rofl: :rofl:

Jokes aside, is there a table/area we should go to? Or just trying to find people from the forum’s photos (which obviously mine isn’t the best if you’re trying to find me :grinning: )

Last time we had MPU signs (I’m making some right now), I’ll be wearing my MPU tshirt (or if something insane happens, a Cortex one), just head for the bunch of nerds!

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Will make my very best to be there!!! :grinning:

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Let’s hope that the signal problems in the Streatham area, which is affecting trains into and out of Victoria station are resolved by Monday. It was chaos yesterday and it’s not a great deal better today by all accounts.

It won’t affect me on the way there but it will affect me getting home - different train lines.

Argh! I’m flying into Gatwick and taking the train (not the Express) to Victoria! Thankfully my flight arrives at lunchtime…

Will come from Blackfriars, so I guess no excuses for me :rofl:

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If one of you have more time, visit the Science Museum London - great exhibition: space at the floor-level, old planes at the top, including four flight simulators. And with even more time: National Space Centre in Leicester and Bletchley Park + National Computer Museum (both 40min to 1h by train). Had a great time there one week ago, but too early for the meet up. :frowning:

Given ongoing problems with the new timetable, there’s ticket acceptance in place on the Gatwick Express - ie you can buy a cheaper, non-Gatwick Express ticket and use it on the Express. This is running at least until the end of August: see “Ticket Acceptance” on this page -

Of course that only helps if the Gatwick Express is running…

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Really handy to know, thanks! I need to go both too and from Gatwick and hadn’t got as far as checking that yet today :slight_smile:

Enjoy the meet-up! Disappointed not to be able to make it - hopefully next time…

Right, enjoy the meeting and the evening together.

Great info! I am bringing my daughter to London in early August through Gatwick. Hope you all have a great night :computer::iphone::beer::robot::brain:

Have a great night tonight all.

I’ll be there for the next UK meet-up with bells on! *Bells may not actually be worn

Great evening!! Really enjoyed meeting @RosemaryOrchard, @MacSparky and (surprise!) Mr. Stephen Hackett :grinning: and of course the amazing MPU community :+1:

Oh… and as a bonus :point_down:



just to say thanks for arranging this. It was really good to meet up and as said many thanks to David, Katie (and Rose) for doing MPU. Jonathan (and Brompton folding bike!).