Mem -- "Your mind on tap..." Dangerous?

Another new note-taking thingy taking shape: Mem

Read @mikeschmitz’s note downstream in this thread. This is probably one to avoid.


So obsidian should be getting their $30M round any day now!


It really looks like a native Roam.


I really hope that they set a reasonable price for users

I’m not sure I like having an account linked to a google account. What if your google account gets locked! You lose access to your external brain too!

Sadly it’s not native. It’s Electron, same as Obsidian, though it is a pretty nice Electron app, again, same as Obsidian.

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Thanks. Then better use Obisidan, which is much more mature.

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Yeah, I think the huge valuation has to be about the enterprise document cooperation thing. As written, there is nothing in that blogpost worth that kind of money.

Just got started with Mem today. It’s taking me a minute to wrap my head around it but it’s pretty impressive so far. I have a few invites if anyone is interested.

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Looks interesting. Just signed up for the waitlist.

Every few months I do the Roam-like dance, which involves me taking yet another look at Roam, Logseq, Obsidian and some other alternate proposition that’s sprung up in the time since my last go round. Much as I like the promise of this new generation of knowledge managers, none of them has solidly clicked for me. Bearing in mind the number of dedicated adherents each of those apps has, that probably says more about me than the apps themselves!

Mem looks like it offers some of the benefits other apps in this category offer, with a softer learning curve and a polished/appealing interface? No knowledge network graph visualisation (unless I missed something) but those spotlight and capture features sure look interesting…

*waits for someone to raise a question about privacy/security…

Can you only set it up with a google account?

I’m with you. I suspect part of the problem is the siren-song of “knowledge management”. Just as data is not information, a bunch of text linked together is not knowledge. Nor is ease of linking, searching, and setting up correlation between atomic notes. The hard work that results in knowledge is in the brain, not in the software.


I’m not so sure. I don’t really understand all this stuff, but it seems at least some of these valuations have to do with the data that can be mined:

Makes me a little nervous about some of the others.


Aaaand that’s one I’m never going to even try. Thanks for the link.

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Deleted the Mem app permanently.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Yes! I mean, I see the videos and I hear the glowing praise, and I can see some of the benefits of the principles and workflows, but I’m never more comfortable than moving between my Drafts notes and iThoughts maps. And I’m pretty sure I’m not even using that set-up as well as I could. Can I build on what I have? Yes. Do I occasionally feel like a Luddite? Yes. Does my system make sense to me, for my use case? Yes. Do I feel I can get the things I need to do done effectively? Yes.

I don’t want to sound like a curmudgeon, though. I still watch the vids and follow the tweets. Keeping eyes on these things hasn’t been so much about second-guessing my set-up— it’s been useful in figuring out how/why to further develop what I have, or make peace with what I don’t need.

With that said, to cover my future self in case this happens: when Obsidian Mobile drops, it might well find a place in my toolset… :slight_smile:

Well said!

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Now, I don’t really have a horse in this race (other than a passing interest in what Mem’s capable of and a desire to maintain the security/privacy of my data), but I saw this TechCrunch thing floating around a fair bit, and there was some refutation here:

Great spot.

This why I wanted Roam to be end to end encrypted.