MEMEX Browser Extension for Knowledge Management

So in researching various capture tools I ran across a very interesting program that is a browser extension called Memex.

I searched to see if there were any topics on this software but there is a MPU user named @memex so it provided a big list of articles.

This software installs as a browser extension and provides the following functions:

Bookmark Organization
Indexing all of the websites that you visit
website annotation
ability to create notes in a side panel on that website
ability to collaborate and share a website with a group of people and have communication aka SLACK in the notes section
Data is stored on your local computer
Here is a presentation from one of the founders in the early days:

MEMEX Founder Presentation

and here is a link to their website:

I have downloaded and plan on giving it a whirl

One of the founders, Oliver Sauter giving a live interview with Tiego Forte on June 17th with Q&A
Forte Labs

@MacSparky I would like to suggest that you consider Oliver Sauter being a guest on MPU as their company has a very interesting business model where investor’s profit is capped and they will not take venture capital.


Just watched the video you linked, very interesting. Note: doesn’t work on Safari.

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Yes I think it just works on Chrome and Firefox.

I just went through installation and importing all my history 9000+ pages and then backup on to Dropbox it looks really good and will be an addition to my workflow process

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I’ll be interested to see how it goes for you. I could imagine this being helpful enough to consider moving to Firefox.

Lol :joy:
Of course no affiliation or relation with the company nor the system.

And the nickname does not come from there.

But it has been fun to be summoned on such an interesting topic (and much discussed to, with all the roam research and similar apps buzz)


Don’t you have a brother named Codex?


And on Microsoft’s Edge.

I’m wondering how:

  1. This can work across so many browsers.
  2. Why, given that, it doesn’t work on Safari.

I ask these questions as someone who built a Firefox extension 15 years ago - and might do so again.

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There’s an interesting discussion between users and the developer of Memex about that here.

Don’t you love those discussions?

Can you do this?

No, because of technical reasons.

I don’t know anything about development, but can’t you do it anyway?

No, because of <long technical explanation.>

I don’t understand that, but can’t you do it anyway?

Yes actually Oliver has incredible patience. If you look at their forum, there are some people that just give them a very negative thrashing and he diffuses the situation and focuses on work on resolution of the problems.

I am enjoying playing around with this software. One nice option is the ability to both highlight and take notes on web pages.

The software is still having some growing pains so I would not totally rely on it for critical data but it is actively being worked on and getter more stable and reliable during each week.

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